The Tempsford Heritage Trail


The Tempsford Heritage Trail helps you enjoy some of the history in the parish of Tempsford. The walk is mainly focused on the village but there are two additional routes which take you into the surrounding countryside to further explore the local history of the area.

How To Get There By Passenger Transport

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How To Get There By Car

Tempsford is found just to the east of the A1, just over 3.5 miles to the north of Sandy. Church End is just south of Tempsford, on the western side of the A1.
Parking is available nearby. Please park thoughtfully.

Start/Finish Point

The walk begins at the site of Gannock Castle in Church End. This is a linear walk which ends at the site of the former Tempsford Station in Station Road in Tempsford.

Access and General Information

Length: 1.8 miles (3 km)

Access Information:

Surface Types: You will walk across surfaces ranging from hard and firm with no stones >5mm, to hard but variable surfaces with loose, variable sized stones, to grass or uncultivated earth paths with ruts and mud.

Linear Gradients: The steepest linear gradients are steeper than 1:6 and between 1:6 - 1:9.  There is a very short, steep section over the bridge, the other steep gradients are for very short distances. There are also gradients of 1:18 or less. 

Cross Falls: The steepest cross falls are of 1:26 or less.

Minimum width restriction: 600mm

Steps: The maximum step height is 350mm on the crossing over the weir.

Barriers: There are 2 kissing gates with a restriction of <1000mm, 5 staggered barriers with a minimum restriction of <950mm and two 2-step stiles.

Seats: There are 4 seats along the route, at Point 1 on the map and on the northern side of Roxton Lock.

Picnic Tables: None recorded.

Public Toilets: None recorded

Refreshments: There is a pub - The Wheatsheaf - in Tempsford.

Route Description

See map for route description.


This leaflet has been produced and funded by Bedfordshire County Council, the Local Heritage Initiative, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Nationwide, The Countryside Agency, the Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project and the BRCC.