Ouse Valley Way - Turvey to Sharnbrook

Ouse Valley Way - Turvey - Sharnbrook

The trail takes you through the picturesque Ouse valley with its meandering tree-lined river, historic villages and abundant wildlife. This section starts in Turvey, an attractive 19th century limestone village, past Harrold-Odell Country Park with opportunities for bird watching, and past Odell Great Wood, an ancient woodland designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

How to Get There by Public Transport

BY BUS: The Ouse Valley Way can be accessed by train or bus from Bedford. For bus times: Tel 0870 608 2608.
BY TRAIN: For timetable information, please telephone National Rail Enquiries 08457 484950.
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How to Get There by Car

About 10 miles west of Bedford, Turvey lies on the A428.
There is roadside parking near the Three Cranes public house and by the war memorial. There is also a large layby on the A428, approximately 750 metres from the start of the walk.

Start/Finish Point

This section of the walk starts from the Three Cranes Public House (PH). If you are continuing the walk from Buckinghamshire, cross Turvey Bridge, pass Mill Lane and continue along Bridge Street before turning left to the Three Cranes Public House. Grid Ref: TL046493
The route ends in the centre of Sharnbrook.

Access and General Information

Distance: 7.2 miles/11.5 km
Access Information
Surface types: You will walk across a wide range of surfaces, from hard and firm with no stones greater than 5mm, to hard and variable surfaces with loose stones, to grass or earth paths (smooth and with ruts) to cultivated farmland.
Linear Gradient: The steepest gradients (up to 1:9) are encountered between Points 6 and 7 on the route. Otherwise, gradients are gentle with very short sections of greater than 1:18.
Cross Falls: You will encounter cross falls of greater than 1:9 to 1:26 or less, the severest generally being over only a few metres or less. Along Yelnow Lane there is no roadside path and the cross fall is greater than 1:15 for most of its length (700 metres).
Width Restriction: The minimum width restriction is 690mm at the bridge between Points 2 and 3.
Steps: There are kerbs in Turvey and Odell with a maximum step height of 110mm.
Barriers: There are seven kissing gates, four of which have a restriction of less than 1000mm. There is also one 2-way opening gate and one 1-way opening gate with widths of greater than 750mm.
Public Toilets: Located at Harrold-Odell Country Park.
Picnic Tables: There are two tables in Carlton and five at the Harrold-Odell Country Park.
Refreshments: Turvey has a public house (Three Cranes) and a shop. Carlton/Chellington have two public houses (The Fox and the Royal Oak) and a shop. There is a café at Harrold-Odell Country Park. Harrold has three public houses (The Magpie, The Muntjac and the Oakley Arms), a shop and a restaurant. There is a public house (The Bell) at Odell. Sharnbrook has shops and a café, and one public house (The Swan with Two Nicks).
Seats: Seats can be found throughout the route, at Turvey, Carlton, Chellington, Harrold-Odell Country Park, Odell and Sharnbrook.


This leaflet has been produced by the Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project. If you encounter any problems or would like further information on any of our other trails please contact us at: Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project, Tel 01767 626326, www.ivelandouse.co.uk.