Ouse Valley Way-Sharnbrook to Stevington

Ouse Valley Way - Stevington to Sharnbrook

The trail takes you through the picturesque Ouse valley with its meandering tree-lined river, historic villages and abundant wildlife. This section starts in Sharnbrook and follows the Ouse Valley through the attractive villages of Sharnbrook and Pavenham.

How to Get There by Public Transport

BY BUS: The Ouse Valley Way can be accessed by train or bus from Bedford. For bus times: Tel 0870 608 2608.
BY TRAIN: For timetable information, please telephone National Rail Enquiries 08457 484950.
Click here for the National Rail Enquiries website

How to Get There by Car

Sharnbrook is in north Bedfordshire on the A6, about 10 miles north of Bedford.
Car parking is available in Sharnbrook.

Start/Finish Point

The walk begins in Sharnbrook High Street and ends in the village of Stevington.

Access and General Information

Distance: 6.2 miles / 10km
Access Information:
Surface Types: You will walk across a variety of surface types ranging from hard and firm with no stones greater than 5mm in size, to hard with some loose, variable sized stones, to grass or uncultivated earth paths with and without ruts/mud, to cultivated farmland.
Linear Gradient: Between Sharnbrook and Radwell, there are several short slopes of greater than 1:6, and a slope approximately 250 metres long of between 1:10 - 1:13 (between Points 3 and 4 on the map). Between Radwell and Pavenham, there are gradients of 1:10 - 1:13, with a 50 metre section of 1:6 - 1:9 (including a short distance which is steeper than 1:6). Between Pavenham and Stevington, the route is quite steep with gradient up to 1:10 for about 150 metres.
Cross Falls: Cross falls range from 1:9 to less than 1:26. The most severe is greater than 1:9 between Wood Craft Wood and Stevington Church.
Width Restriction: There is a minimum width restriction of 680mm on the bridge between Points 9 and 10 on the map.
Steps: There are 4 steps on each of the bridges at Pinchmill Islands with a maximum step height of 340mm. At Stevington Church, there are 2 steps with a maximum height of 140mm. There are also 5 steps at the sleeper bridges with step heights ranging from 70 - 210mm.
Barriers: There are 14 kissing gates with a restriction of less than 1000mm. The kissing gate behind Stevington Church has a restriction of 420mm. There is one 2-way opening gate with a width of greater than 750mm and four 1-way opening gates with a width of greater than 750mm. There are 12 two-step stiles and one 1-step stile.
Refreshments: Sharnbrook: There is one pub, The Swan with Two Nicks, a newsagent and two general stores. There is a cafe (closed on Sundays).
Radwell: There is one pub, the Swan Inn.
Pavenham: There is one pub, The Cock which is closed at lunchtimes during the week.
Stevington: There are two pubs, the Red Lion and the Royal George.
Public Toilets: None recorded.
Picnic Tables: Located at the playing fields in Stevington (from Stevington Cross turn right into Court Lane for about 400m).
Seats: There are seats at Sharnbrook, Radwell, Pavenham (on the playing field) and at Stevington.


This leaflet has been produced by the Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project. If you encounter any problems or would like further information on any of our other trails please contact us at: Ivel and Ouse Countryside Project, Tel 01767 626326, www.ivelandouse.co.uk.