Colworth Estate Circular Walk

Colworth Estate Circular Walk

An excellent walk for the family, this slightly undulating walk offers very pleasant rural views of the Colworth Estate and village of Souldrop.

How To Get There By Passenger Transport

BY BUS – Telephone Bedfordshire Bus Information Line : 01234 228337, 8.30am – 5pm open 5 days a week or Travel Line 0870 6082608.
BY TRAIN – For timetable information, please telephone National Rail Enquiries 08457 484950.
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How To Get There By Car

Sharnbrook is 9 miles north of Bedford off the A6, and 6 miles south of Rushden.
Cars may be parked on Colworth Road in Sharnbrook. Please park with consideration.

Start/Finish Point

This circular walk starts from the North Lodge of the Colworth Estate.

Access and General Information

Length: 3 miles (4.8 km)
Time: 1.5 hours
Access Information:
Surface Types: You can expect to walk across surfaces ranging from hard and firm with no stones greater than 10mm, to grass or uncultivated earth paths with and without ruts, to cultivated farmland.
Linear Gradient: The steepest linear gradient is steeper than 1:6. There are also gradients of between 1:6 - 1:9, 1:10 - 1:13, and 1:14 - 1:17.
Cross Falls: The steepest cross fall is 1:9 or steeper, at the waterfall on Short Walk A.
Width Restriction: There is no width restriction less than 1000mm.
Steps: There are 2 steps with a maximum step height of 100mm on the bridge over the brook at Point 2.
Barriers: There is one 1-step stile at Point 7.
Refreshments: The nearest shops, pubs, etc, are situated in the villages of Souldrop and Sharnbrook.
Public Toilets: None on route.
Picnic Tables: None on route.
Seats: There is one seat on the village green at Souldrop.

Route Description

See map for main directions.

Short Walk The short walk will take about 40 minutes.
At 2 walk straight past the right hand turn.

A. Follow the path down to the brook, across the ride, through the spinney and up the slope. There is a lovely little waterfall to the right. Follow the path round and up the hill.

B. Excellent rural view to the left, with Colworth House on the right. Either walk back to the beginning by the road side path or up through the woods on the right to Twin Lodges.

General Information

Stout footwear is needed for all routes as there is one boggy area: otherwise the main walk is on tarmac.

Please remember: Remove your litter. Keep your dogs under control. Keep to public paths.


This leaflet has been written by Sharnbrook Parish Council P3 Group supported by Bedfordshire County Council and funded through the Parish Paths Partnership. The Parish Council is grateful to Unilever Research, Colworth House, for contributing to the leaflet and for the upkeep of the rights of way on the Colworth Estate.