This is a Woodland Trust site. Bramingham Wood is an ancient woodland less than 3 miles from the centre of Luton. The wood supports a wide variety of wild flowers, rare fungi, woodland birds and wildlife. There are two ponds which support frogs, newts and dragonflies.

How To Get There By Passenger Transport

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How To Get There By Car

Bramingham Wood is to the north of Luton west of the A6. Going north on the A6, turn left into Quantock Rise and follow this road until reaching Whitehorse Vale. Turn right here and follow until reaching the wood on the left.
Roadside parking is available at some of the entrances to the wood - at Lygetun Drive and Brampton Close. Please park thoughtfully.

Start/Finish Point

The wood is accessed from Whitehorse Vale.

Access and General Information


Access Information:

Surface Types:   You will walk across surface types ranging from hard and firm with no stones larger than 5mm, to hard and firm with no stones greater than 10mm, to hard with some loose stones of variable sizes, to grass or uncultivated earth paths with no ruts.   

Linear Gradient: The steepest linear gradient is steeper than 1:6 close to Whitehorse Vale at the north eastern corner of the wood. Elsewhere, there are a linear gradients of between 1:10-1:13, between 1:14-1:17 and of 1:18 or less.

Cross Falls:  There are cross falls of 1:9 or steeper on the entrance path to the wood from Newbold Road and on the entrance from Whitehorse Vale. Elsewhere, there are cross falls of between 1:10-1:15 and of 1:26 or less.

Width Restriction:  There are no restrictions less than 1000mm.

Steps:  There are steps with a maximum step height of 25mm on the entrances from Newbold Road and Lygetun Drive. There are steps with a maximum step height of 40mm at the barrier on the Brampton Close entrance.

Barriers: There are 8 staggered barriers with a minimum restriction of less than 950mm and one staggered barrier with a minimum restriction of greater than 950mm.

Refreshments:  There are pubs and shops nearby in Bramingham.

Public Toilets: None recorded

Picnic Tables: None recorded.

Seats: There are 3 seats situated in the wood.

Route Description

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Bramingham Wood is one of over 1,000 woods across the UK owned by the Woodland Trust. For more information, visit the website: Visit the Woodland Trust website