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Kempston - Town

Kempston - Town


Adjoining Bedford, Kempston Town, with its own Town Council, is a largely residential area. The town has modern schools, the Woburn Road industrial estate and the Saxon Centre shopping precinct, named after the site of a Saxon cemetery on which it stands.

The large Addison Howard public park also contains the Addison Centre with a multi-purpose hall. 'Out of town' shopping at the Retail Interchange Park is also close by. The headquarters of Bedfordshire Police and the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service are also in Kempston.

Outside of Kempston Town, the adjoining parish (population 1,240) has a number of small hamlets or 'Ends' (such as Box End, Church End), which retain their rural character. The parish church of All Saints, beside the River Ouse, contains some Saxo-Norman work and inside are two medieval panels showing Adam and Eve.