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Village - Harrold

Village - Harrold


Harrold is a large and pleasant village north west of Bedford. The approach to the village from the south is particularly striking with the medieval stone bridge across the Ouse and the beautiful spire of St. Peter's Church rising out of the trees. Harrold bridge, first mentioned in 1278-79, is remarkable for the variation in style between its different arches. Situated on the corner of four parishes, each of four sections had traditionally to be maintained by the lords of the respective adjoining manors. The bridge, and its causeway, was restored by the County Council in 1992.

The High Street curves attractively between stone-built cottages and houses. In the middle is a small village green on which stands a curious round lock-up with a steep conical roof and the early 18th century Market House. Harrold-Odell Country Park is to the east of the village.