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Walking Route:Bradger's Hill (The Lynchets) at Luton

Walking Route

Bradger's Hill (The Lynchets)

Bradger's Hill (The Lynchets)


Designated a Prime Site of Nature Conservation Importance, Bradger's Hill supports many wild flowers typical of chalk grassland, as well as butterflies, birds and insects. It is the longest continuous set of lynchets (slopes along the face of a chalk down) in Bedfordshire.

Start/Finish Point: The walk starts at the John Dony Field Centre. Start Nat GR TL095237.

How to get there by car/Parking: Following the A6 north from the centre of Luton, turn right at Kingsdown Avenue, carry straight on into Bushmead Road and past Bushmead School into Hancock Drive where you will find the John Dony Field Centre. There is parking at the John Dony Field Centre.