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Pavenham - two walks of 5 and 3¼ miles

Pavenham - two walks of 5 and 3¼ miles


Pavenham is one of the loveliest stone-built villages beside the River Ouse. The most remarkable feature of the church is that it is filled with richly carved Jacobean woodwork. This was only installed in the 19th century by Thomas Abbot Green who came to live at The Bury, a large house that used to stand where the Bury estate is now located. Mat-making, using rushes, was once an important local industry. Local tradition has it that the trade was brought to the village in 1665 by a family called Hipwell and the name was associated with it ever since. It was Hipwells who used to supply rush-matting for the House of Commons. The craft is still practised by villagers today.