FAQs (frequently asked questions)

1. Spaces and Places (formerly called Unwind) - These places are open spaces in the county where the public are free to wander without charge, over all or part of their area. They include picnic sites, country parks, woodland, downland and nature reserves. There may be some sites through which walking, riding or cycling routes pass and in these cases, the site may appear in "unwind" as well as, for example "walk".



2. Distance - This filter is based on distance in miles. Click only one box per search and Let's Go! will find routes and sites that fall into that category. The information below, although using generalisations, may be useful in planning visits.

How long does it take to cover a mile?
•A reasonably fit and able-bodied person walking across rough ground and going up and down some slopes will usually be able to cover about 2 miles in one hour (not counting stops), without working very hard. Fit people who want to work harder will cover more ground than this and if surfaces are harder, smoother, drier and level, 2 1/2 - 3 miles per hour is quite possible. Four miles per hour is a fast walking pace, usually only achievable on hard, level surfaces
•For anyone carrying a load, who is not fully mobile or who will be pushing a wheelchair or buggy, it would be wise to reduce the number of miles expected to be covered each hour. Every route or site guide in Let's Go! has some accessibility information included. This gives details of surface types, slopes, gaps, structures such as stiles and gates, and should be helpful in planning a trip
•A fit cyclist, riding on smooth tarmac can cover a mile in only a couple of minutes. However, most people cycling for fun might expect to cover around 10 miles an hour on road or smooth cycle tracks and less than this off-road on rougher tracks
•A horse or pony and rider might easily be able to cover 3 - 4 miles in an hour of walking, but will cover more ground if cantering or trotting


3. Stile free - Various agencies in Bedfordshire are working towards the production of an accessibility grading system, which when finalised, will be helpful for anyone planning a visit to the county's countryside. In the mean time, the survey work has produced a set of information for each route/site which is available as a download. This information is included with the route information by clicking on the "Route and Access" button in each route or site page. This includes information about maximum slopes and crossfalls, minimum widths and types of barriers. By selecting the "stile free" category, you will select only those routes that have no stiles, or those unwind sites where stiles do not prevent access to the best bits. All the routes and sites included on the Let's Go! web site have been surveyed by volunteers.



4. Accessible by public transport - this filter selects routes/sites that are particularly easy to access by bus or train. There is a regular timetable in the case of buses and/or some part of it is within 1/2 a mile of a railway station.


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