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There are over 1330 Public Rights of Way in Central Bedfordshire linking towns and villages to the diverse countryside and landscape of the area. Central Bedfordshire’s Rights of Way team are responsible for the management of this network which consists of 1330 kilometres of Public Footpath for walking, 330 kilometres of Bridleway for walking and riding on bicycle and horseback and 26 kilometres of Public Byways which are byways open to all traffic (BOATs).

Central Bedfordshire’s public rights of way network can be viewed by using an online mapping system.

This is not a copy of the Definitive Map and should be used for reference purposes only.

The screen will show an overall map of Central Bedfordshire. Click over the two boxes in the left hand top corner besides the ‘Quick Search’ caption to select Towns and Villages and underneath select the Town or Village of interest. The Rights of Way information will appear. Use the icons on top of the map to pan, zoom etc. Public Footpaths are indicated by a pink line, Public Bridleways by a green line and BOATs by a brown line. If you want to know the relevant path number you will have to tick the ROW legal labels box in the menu on the left hand side.

From time to time it is necessary to temporarily close Rights of Way for health and safety reasons, if works are being carried out or structures being replaced. All the current closures can be viewed by following the link.

Click here for temporary closures which are currently affecting the network.

The Definitive Map and Statement for Central Bedfordshire is the council's legal record of public rights of way. The map conclusively shows the legal status and routes of public footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic (BOAT). Changes can be made to the map and these are detailed by following this link.

If you encounter any issues when using the public rights of way network within Central Bedfordshire please contact the Rights of Way team. We will endeavour to deal with your issue promptly and notify you accordingly.

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