About Let's Go!

Who is running LetsGo! ?

LetsGo! is a project that was conceived by and is administered by the Forest of Marston Vale Trust. FoMVT volunteers maintain the project.

How did LetsGo! start?

In year 2000 a group of volunteers at the Forest Centre posed the question ‘Where can I walk in Bedfordshire?’. There were plenty of paper copy guides around but no lists or index of the guides. Volunteers made a collection of guides of walks, rides, country parks and nature reserves. By 2002 over 140 guides had been collected and were made available at the Forest Centre.

In 2003 the LetsGo! project obtained funding from the Bedfordshire Rural Transport Partnership in association with the Countryside Agency and Bedfordshire County Council to create a searchable, web-based database leading to downloadable copies of the original leaflets. The project was managed by the FoMVT Forest Team with Forest volunteers doing most of the work. The www.letsgo.org.uk was created and launched in April 2004.

Many of the routes were audited by volunteers to give information about accessibility of the routes, such as stiles, slopes, type of terrain etc, so that users could make their own judgement as to their own ability to enjoy the routes.

Over the years many routes have been added. As at June 2020 there are over 261 items.

The website is hosted by NVG based in Baldock.

What is LetsGo! 2020

In June 2020, courtesy of NVG, LetsGo! was upgraded to the new responsive LetsGo! 2020 website, built on new technology and working well on mobile phones.

The LetsGo! 2020 Steering Group oversees the project. The Group has representation from Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council, Luton Borough Council, Bedfordshire Rural Transport Partnership (BRCC), The Forest of Marston Vale Trust ,FoMV Volunteerst, Borough of Bedford Local Access Forum, Central Bedfordshire and Luton Joint Local Access Forum, the Ramblers and British Horse Society.


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General Email Enquiries: letsgo@marstonvale.org
The Forest Centre is open for enquiries between 10am - 4pm | Monday - Friday.